25th Annual South End Art Hop Juror Prize Recipient

This year's South End Art Hop juror, Asya Geisberg, owner of the Asya Geisberg Gallery in NYC (http://www.asyageisberggallery.com), writes the following in regards to her selection for the juror selection prize:

"When it came to my selections for prizes, I wanted to reward a vision executed with such ferocity that little did it matter my own personal stake in the artist’s choices – in fact, I love to be won over by styles and subjects towards which I normally wouldn’t gravitate. To this point, my first prize selection [Jeffrey Robbins "Cellar Dwellers"] was on first glance a scene perhaps familiar to many a teenager or young adult – a rec room or basement, full of melting pizza and half-drunk beer and sloppy debauchery. And yet the commitment to making every form as sinewy and spaghetti-like as possible and colors from a Pop-y ‘70s quilt made me want to indulge in every last wanton limb and dirty crumb. It also harkened to American masters such as Thomas Hart Benton or Charles Burchfield, or perhaps R. Crumb or other comic illustrators."